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Who is responsible for Kaizy Tech Solutions?

Yes, we’re human and we work relentlessly for you! Our team has experts with experience, industry know-how, and creativity in design, development, marketing, and strategy. We use all of our assets to give you the best possible products to achieve your goals. You’ll notice the difference with us immediately, in the way we work, and more importantly, in the results you see. What sets us apart is the inspiring, creative people behind our products- they are the soul of the company.

Meet our team - A perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry. The Gladiators that sweat it out so that you do not have to. A team of wicked smart and dedicated experts bound by a passion for pragmatic problem-solving to find simple solutions to complicated problems.

At Kaizy Tech Solutions we love what we do, we’re good at what we do, and we’re not shy about it.


Founder and CEO

Kaizy has been the Managing Director of Kaizy Tech Solutions since its inception and is responsible for all aspects of the business.

An idea maker, a visionary, a creative genius - Keezy ' s speciality is turning nothing into something. He's got a knack for taking an idea, giving it a foundation, then building on it to create a relevant experience for the public.



Exercising her superpower Steezy thrives on identifying a problem, solving it and driving revenue for the company.

A strategist and financial genius. Steezy has helped the company navigate through upheaval or expansion. Whatever the need - recreating organizational structure, creating new revenue streams or whittling down expenses- she is the go to guy!



Fostering marketing rock stars one client at a time. Steezy loves helping clients take their proects to the next level.

From start ups to non profits Travis brings calm to the chaos and clarity to the confused. Turning vision into reality is his speciality and also surfing the internet as soon as that becomes a sport he is going pro for sure.

Kim Keezy

Lead Engineer

Internet nerd by choice. Lil Pikachu loves keeping projects in line, on time and on budget.

Forward thinking and ambitious. Kim is adept at navigating complexity and always has his ear to the ground for the latest technology. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done to build compelling products.








HR Manager





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