Hardware Portfolio

We offer the following services: selling and renting of hardware systems (multipurpose printers, servers, PCs, projectors and mobile accessories).

Servers. Projectors. Computers.
Laptops. Phones. Bar Code Scanners.
Mobile Accessories. Routers. Switches.
We have covered everything.

We also offer hardware installation, training, consulting and of course it all comes fully managed as a single package.

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Data Recovery

Data Recovery Services

Are you worried you have lost all your precious photos and vital documents? Don’t stress, we will help reunite you with your lost data.

At Kaizy Tech Solutions, we are the Data recovery experts. We help you recover deleted or corrupted data from any failed storage drive, any damaged media, reformatting, corrupt data, etc.

Our unparalleled data recovery services for both physical and logical hard drive recoveries are fast, affordable & reliable.

No data, no charge is our guarantee.

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Software installations, upgrades and troubleshooting services

At Kaizy Tech Solutions, we offer professional support by a team of technicians to troubleshoot and remedy malfunctions in your systems. In addition, We also offer comprehensive onsite or remote troubleshooting, fault isolation, diagnostic analysis and repair services.

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Configuration as a Service

Kaizy Tech Solutions offers Configuration as a service where we help streamline your new computer hardware and IT systems so that technology deployment is smooth and simple.

Our Configuration Services can help remove the complexity and frustration associated with deploying new equipment. We provide infrastructure provisioning, integration and deployment support.

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Preventative Maintenance Services

Want to avoid additional costs brought about by excessive tear and wear. The key is preventive maintenance. By performing preventive maintenance we are able to detect and correct problems before they occur, assure the efficiency and extend the life of equipment, and reduce the occurrence of unscheduled equipment outages.

Preventative maintenance is a safety-net designed to prevent the failure of equipment before it happens, which saves you time and money in the long run by ensuring efficiency and extending the service life of equipment. By planning ahead and addressing maintenance needs on a systematic, scheduled basis, you can reduce the occurrence of unscheduled equipment outages, save significantly and prevent the failure of equipment before it happens.

If you want to ensure top performance of your hardware, reduce costly repairs and downtime, then take a look at our comprehensive range of preventive maintenance services.

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Repair Services

Need appliance repair & home repair services? Our expert service technicians are ready to help.

We provide world-class repair and replacement services and programs to help you lower your total cost of ownership and avoid unplanned maintenance expenses.

We also offer on demand repairs in the event of an incident, repair parts cleaning, recalibration and maintenance. Keep your peace of mind knowing we got your back.

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